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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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We are pleased to offer cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) at Kilmarnock Station Community Village, we have qualified and student therapists in place offering sessions at various times, to meet the needs of the people in the local community.  Appointments are available during the day and some evenings.

CBT draws on psychological ideas to look at very specific issues or difficulties, such as anxiety, stress or depression. It focuses on the thinking patterns creating and maintaining the presenting problem/s, identifying their links with emotions and behaviours.

This therapy encompasses a range of techniques, all of which are very active and expect clients to start making changes in what they do.

It is usually of slightly shorter duration than counselling, often lasting for between six and 12 sessions. This is mainly because it places more emphasis on the client to learn techniques and skills they can then apply by themselves. Of course, this is not always easy or possible, hence CBT doesn’t suit everybody nor is it always the best approach in particular circumstances (e.g. dealing with feelings of grief).

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What is cognitive-behaviour therapy?

Cognitive-behaviour Therapy (CBT) – also sometimes called cognitive-behavioural therapy – examines unhelpful emotions, behaviours and thoughts which create and maintain problems. Although we may not realise it, every thought we have, however fleeting, directly affects how we feel and what we do. For example, if we think we are a failure, we are likely to feel miserable whereas if we think we are a success we are likely to feel upbeat. Cognitive behaviour therapists work with clients to modify the way they think and behave to improve how they feel.

What issues/problems can cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) help with?

Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) is a popular approach which has proven effective in helping to manage a variety of problems such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder to name a few. Indeed, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) is the mainstream treatment for depression and anxiety in the NHS as it was the first therapy to be shown to be as effective as drug interventions for these problems. However, cognitive-behaviour therapy is not a quick fix solution and may not suit everyone as the onus lies on the client to apply the techniques they learn in sessions to their everyday lives.

Seeking cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) can be an overwhelming experience but it may help to know that cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) has been shown, in many studies, to be an effective treatment for a wide range of issues and problems. Our CBT therapists are highly qualified and have experience of working with clients to make the process of pursuing cognitive-behaviour-therapy (CBT) as stress-free as possible. In addition, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer.

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