Kilmarnock Station, Station Brae, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA1 2AF

Station Gamers

“The gaming space has helped me get a social boost”


“Station gamers gives me a place where I feel like I belong”


“I always feel welcome”

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Weekly gaming events are held in the community space, allowing gaming, painting and building. A survey in January 2023 measured the impact of these events on the mental health of the participants and the results were extremely positive.

100% of those surveyed felt that their mental health benefitted from having a hobby. There was also overwhelming benefits shown in confidence, achievement and positive routine and self care.

We are working within our local community and with other organisations to bring our success to a wider audience outside of our current demographic.


We have recently worked with The Beatson Hospital and Teenage Cancer Trust and have programs in development to open our facilities and experience to them. Fundraising efforts by the Station Gamers were well received and helped foster a sense of community pride and achievement with those who took part.


More locally we have developed good relationships with local primary schools, helping to facilitate school trips as part of the local history curriculum, as well as providing an arts and performance platform at our Station Market for choirs and musicians.


We have been working with local Scout groups to help the children achieve their hobby badge and have 24 children currently working towards this.


A program is in development to benefit older people in residential care, using hobby and art to benefit mental health and combat isolation.